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Returning Citizens

GOAL: To reduce recidivism through collaboration of community-based, faith-based, for-profit, not-for-profit, and government agencies that network, educate, nurture, train, and work with returning citizens (former prisoners) and their fthe families to prepare for successful transition into society as productive, law-abiding citizens of the community.

Heat New Mexico assistance for low-income NM Gas Company customersYou do not need a disconnect notice; just bring your current bill.  For eligibility and documentation required, click here.  You are required to bring proof that you have applied for LIHEAP (although this requirement can be waived for customers aged 65+) but if you applied and were unable to qualify for LIHEAP, Salvation Army may still be able to assist you.  7/12/17 update: hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 11:00 and 1:00 to 3:00.  Funds may run out soon (we will update this info).

NM Correctional Statistics.  Compared to the rest of the nation, NM has a 50% higher crime rate;  13% lower incarceration rate; about 30% lower rate for those on probation or parole; and a cost per inmate that is 11% higher than the rest of the country. Download the report from the National Institute on Corrections.

The Pavilions  celebrated the program's first graduation in February, 2017!  (Read the whole story HERE)  Located in Los Lunas, NM, The Pavilions is the newest program location for Crossroads for Women, All of the women at The Pavilions have been previously incarcerated. Program Director Cory Lee routinely visits the prisons to educate women about The Pavilions program and interview potential clients for this 30-bed facility. Each day at The Pavilions is highly structured to help the women develop a routine, work on their recovery, and develop life skills. On the weekends, women spend designated time visiting with their children and family members and working on their spiritual development.  

Housing Resources for Returning Citizens Listing of housing options and resources for returning citizens, from the Returning Citizens Coalition

For Families

Building family support is extememly important. Encourage activities that involve the whole family. Attend faith services together.  Limit time your children spend alone. Prepare meals together. Play board games together. Talk about goals and dreams.  These are all just a few ways to grow together. 

For Youth

Focusing on the youth today is very important.  Education, morals, setting goals and love are all extrememly important for children.   Reaching children early and teaching these things along with many more possitive influences will help break the incarceration cycle.


Children are affected daily by a parent or guardian that is incarcerated.  Statistics show the chances of a child growing up and following the pattern far to commom.  Community resoures and strong family support helps reduce this pattern.


There are many resources available to families and returning citizens for support and encouragement to help reduce Recidivism and break the family incarceration cycle.


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