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Featured Resources

Show me the Money!

The Grants & Grantmakers section on SHARE New Mexico contains over 7,000 records of grants that have been distributed in New Mexico.You can view this information on a map, in a table, or download it into an Excel spreadsheet.  Find out today who is funding what in New Mexico.

Resources for Assistance

SHARE New Mexico has over 300 pages full of resources on how and where to get assistance.  From WIC to SNAP to assistance with your energy bill, check out these pages today and share them with others who are in need. 


NM Early Childhood Collaborations

Brief window of opportunity! Help us identify, celebrate and support NM Early Childhood collaborations. 

Job Opening at Hope Christian School

Hope Christian School is now accepting applications for the College Counselor position at the High School. Job description available upon request. If interested, please contact Katie Swaim  or Tom Morris .